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DOUG PAISLEY – ‘Constant Companion’

April 4, 2011 by Howard divider image
DOUG PAISLEY - 'Constant Companion'

I came across this album as a result of a couple of reviews in Mojo and Uncut late in 2010. What I learned from these reviews apart from the glowing report on the album wasn’t much except this was his 2nd album and that while in the general Americana type genre there was nothing coming across that made it sound particularly special. Jump forward 2 weeks when copies of the album came in and it just shows this as an object lesson on how to focus on making a great record and just forgetting the rest. This is another one of those rare albums that if you play it in the shop people not only tend to take a copy home, but return to tell you how much they love it. Sure the instrumentation is augmented by the really beautiful playing of Garth Hudson (formerly of The Band) but nothing overwhelms the whole. The lyrics are dark in places, but like most great albums it’s all in the tunes and the vocal. ***** (£10CD/£16LP)

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