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JON HOPKINS – ‘Insides’

April 4, 2011 by Howard divider image

On this fantastic album of ambient Electronica, it’s hard to tell if Jon Hopkins is foremost an artist or producer, I guess he’s both. This isn’t his first record but it’s his best. Having worked with Brian Eno, both on Coldplay records and Eno’s own recent album this information might give the impression that he’s adaptable, maybe he is. But it’s probably fairer to say that he does what he does so well that both these artists more likely adapted to him. This is a beautiful record, at times leaning towards Fourtet/Caribou style beats at others to full on melodic ambient soundscapes. The thing is, it all goes together to make a both uplifting and affecting album which is both of this time and timeless. ***** (£10CD/£18LP)

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