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BLACK MOUNTAIN – ‘Wilderness Heart’

April 4, 2011 by Howard divider image
Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart

This is the third album from Canadian indie rock band Black Mountain. And I think this is the one by which all other albums they make ought to be judged. Not only is this the sound of a band at their peak but they make the whole thing sound so easy. Isn’t this often the trademark of a great album; timeless, effortless a sense that they are not trying too hard because actually, they don’t need to? There are some great cuts here, particularly Old Fangs, Rollercoaster and Let Spirits Ride. What might frighten indie rock fans off the record is the fact that they have clearly listened closely to their Sabbath and Deep Purple albums and some of the riffs are as old as the Ossie Osbourne. But it’s achieved with such style and affection not to leave out a SOH that you have to love it and admire it. ***** (£10CD/£16LP)

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